Whānau Packrafts


Packrafts for the whole whānau.

Available in 4 – 5 weeks.

Available on back-order


Best For
  • Lakes, Estuaries and Flat Rivers
  • Cruising with the whānau
  • Fishing on flat water
You’ll Need

This is the ideal packraft for summer holidays with the whānau. At the campground, at the beach, at the river, at the lake, this is perfect.

This safe and stable packraft is great for the entire whānau to get out on the water.

This packraft is made from lightweight PVC. This makes it extremely durable, but is heavier so this packraft is not suitable for carrying into rivers. An upgrade option is available though, have the raft made from TPU to save weight.

It is not a self-bailing boat which means you stay drier. It has two comfortable triangular seats and EVA backrests.

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