Dry Suits


Stay warm and dry on the river, no matter the weather.

These are high quality, 3-layer dry suits.

See our size guide here.

Available in 3 – 4 weeks


In New Zealand most of our rivers and lakes are cold.  In a packraft you are going to get wet. If you have a self-bailer it’s wet all the time. In a spray deck model it’s always a possibility.

After equipping yourself with a packraft, a comfortable PFD, a helmet and a paddle, the next item is a dry suit.  Wetsuits are OK, but they’re not comfortable and they are very constricting.

A dry suit will change your life. If it’s not cold you’re still going to be wet and exposed.  If it’s cold or windy or the water is glacial, a dry suit is a game changer.  You just adjust the layering and you can wear your thermals underneath.

Capsize?  No problem.

Do a course, know what to do, and get back paddling without the fear of a freezing dip.

We order your Dry Suit based on your requirements, delivery typically takes 3 weeks to anywhere in the world.

The women’s model has a larger zip in the seat for calls of nature, and all our dry suits come with a unique internal pocket for storage of essentials like car keys, medication, credit card.


Men's, Women's


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green

Neck and Wrist Seals

Neoprene, Latex

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