Why Buy a Blue Duck Packraft?

Great Designs

We're packrafters, kayakers and rafters.

We understand rivers, we understand boats and we understand the tiny design changes that have a huge impact on the performance of your packraft.

We lead the word in innovative designs of packrafts; the others copy us.

Great Support

We understand packrafting (we do a lot of it) and we're right here, based in Christchurch.

We're on the end of the phone, and you can call us for advice.

Great Guarantees

We stand by the quality of our packrafts.

If it breaks due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

See the details here.

Great Knowledge

We've been hanging out on Aotearoa's and the world's rivers for decades.

We know our stuff.  If we can't anser your question, we know someone who can.

Great Quality

We have a close relationship with the great folks who manufacture our packrafts.

They are very good at listening to our design ideas and bringing them to reality in high-performing packrafts.

They do an amazing job, and we check every packraft before you receive it to make sure it's up to our high standards.

Read more here.

Great Features

Blue Duck packrafts have the features you need to make your adventure successful, whether it's a gentle wander down your local river, or a multi-day back-country adventure.

Need something a little different?  No problem, we can customise your packraft to suit your needs.

Read more here.

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