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Buy a packraft from Blue Duck to suit any adventure in New Zealand's outdoors.  Tramper?  Hunter?  Mountain Biker?  Kayaker?  Family holidays?  Adventure Racer?  Whatever you do, we have you covered.

Packrafts allow you to access places you've never been, and enjoy rivers and adventures you never thought possible.

We can help you choose the packraft that best suits your needs, and also provide every other piece of equipment you need for an enjoyable, safe adventure.

For lakes and moving water without many obstacles:

For rivers with whitewater rapids and obstacles – Hurunui Series (comes with a raised bow for waves and holes).

For estuaries – Inanga Series or Mōkihi Series.

For exposed sea coasts – Hurunui Series or Mōkihi Series.

For heavy loads – hunting and bike rafting – Mōkihi Series.

Packraft Comparison

Once we have confirmed payment for your packraft order, the process looks like this:

  1. We will be in touch to confirm the colours, options and size of your new packraft.
  2. We will place the order with our manufacturer.
  3. Delivery to our base typically takes just a few weeks.
  4. We will undertake our comprehensive quality assurance check of your packraft.
  5. We will send it to you!

Spray skirts are available on our Adventure Racing, Mōkihi and Hurunui series packrafts.

A spray skirt is warmer, but fiddly.

A self-bailer has an open cockpit and is easy to get in and out of.

No dry (or wet) suit – choose a spray skirt.

If you're paddling in a colder climate – choose a spray skirt.

Paddling whitewater that requires a bit of scouting – choose a self-bailer.

Steep creeking – choose a self-bailer.

Likely to swim in moving water – choose a self-bailer.

For even more info about this decision, read more here.

Choose custom colours for no extra cost!

Blue Duck Packrafting are world leaders in the design and manufacture of quality packrafts.

We have been enjoying rivers, lakes and oceans in a variety of kayaks, across New Zealand and the world for decades.  Have a question?  Give us a call.

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