Raft Rental – How Does it Work?

What can I rent?

We have three rafts that comfortably seat four passengers plus the guide, and a sixth passenger can squeeze on.

Our fourth raft is really only for four people.

We will rent you the raft or inflatable kayak, and everything that goes with it – oars, paddles, frames, but also a dry bag and barrel to keep your gear dry and with you. We supply the whole package.

  • You just need your personal gear, food and drink.
  • We can advise on shuttles and rivers, but we’re not responsible for your actions on the water.
  • If you’re travelling from overseas, this is the best way to run your own river trip.
  • You don’t need to carry all this stuff, or even have to buy it all. We’ve got it.

Who can rent a raft?

What gear is included?

  • Paddles or oars
  • Spare oar or paddle
  • Rowing frame if you are using oars
  • Gear frame for paddle rafts
  • A plastic barrel for storing hard gear like cookers, tent poles, food
  • A large backpack dry bag for clothing, sleeping bags
  • Throw rope for safety
  • Rope
  • Repair Kit
  • Waterproof map with campsites and huts marked
  • Optional Kitchen Box
  • Optional toilet

We rent out professional quality whitewater rafts to suitably experienced people. If you are competent in the outdoors and are responsible with gear there is a way.

The raft or packraft is typically 50% of the cost of equipping yourself for private raft trips. The raft is just the start, so we include it all as a package.

We can assist you with logistics, shuttles, maps and information. We can also recommend qualified raft guides.

What about shuttles and transport?

We recommend you chat with Liam at Bentley's Coachlines.  He has helped us with many trips and we highly recommend him.

What important information can we help with?

Our advice is focused on the logistics:

  • What equipment you need, and what we provide
  • How to get to and from the river, which is often the biggest hassle of all.
  • Resources such as weather, flow, and river guides, and maps

The two popular rivers we specifically cater for are the Waimakariri (2 days) and the Clarence/Waiau Toa (5 days). They’re popular for good reasons. You can run other rivers, depending on your experience and which river. This is up for discussion.

We have more information on our Rivers to Run page.

Should you hire a professional guide or do it yourself?

People who know enough to run their own rafting trip with their friends and family will not under-estimate the risks. We offer good gear that will get you down the river, but whoever is in charge of the raft needs a minimum set of skills.

  • Experience in camping and travelling in the backcountry of the New Zealand mountains.
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the members of the party, and the ability to manage risk around external and human factors.
  • Having the judgement and maturity to make sensible decisions in the face of poor weather, winds and floods.
  • Understand that the gear will look after you if you look after it.
  • Experience in reading the river through kayaking, jet boating or rafting.

We can offer each party renting rafts from us the services of a qualified raft guide – if we have sufficient notice. These guides don’t work for us, they work for you.

Because of legislation in New Zealand we can’t advise you what to do on the river. Your trip is self-guided unless you hire a professional guide or guides. It's your choice and your responsibility.

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