Packraft Repair Kit


An essential repair kit for every packraft trip.


This is what we take on every packraft trip.


  • Dry bag – Keep it all together
  • Carabiner clips – Clip the bag onto your boat
  • Repair tape clear – Small tears and scrapes. This stuff is the best.
  • Aquaseal UV adhesive – Pinpricks. This cures in 20 seconds in sunlight.
  • Silicone grease – Look after your zip on your boat, drysuit, and tent.
  • Top up air pump – Worth taking on day trips – weighs 325 grams
  • Inflation tube 750mm – Fits Boston valves – top up by mouth on the water

Purchase the kit on its own or with the AirLux 2 Pump for an additional $50.


Repair Kit Only, Repair Kit and AirLux 2

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